The Dallas Morning News | With its electric motor, Linear Labs wants to turn Dallas-Fort Worth into ‘Detroit of electrification’


November 11, 2019

by: Melissa Repko

Fort Worth-based Linear Labs wants to put its electric motors into everything from scooters to air conditioners — and it wants to make them in North Texas.

The startup opened a new lab and headquarters earlier this year, and it has signed deals with eight companies. It plans to hire more engineers and build a facility to test different approaches to manufacturing next year.

With electric cars and other kinds of electrification, steps toward a better battery often steal the spotlight. Linear Labs is focused on another piece of the puzzle: developing a less expensive, more powerful electric motor.

Linear Lab’s CEO and co-founder Brad Hunstable said the company’s motor could increase the range of electric-powered modes of transportation, such as e-bikes. It could also lower their cost, so more customers consider buying electric-powered cars, industrial equipment and more.

He said the motor is a timely step toward green energy. “Last time I checked, the world isn’t getting any colder,” he said.

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