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Brad Hunstable CEO

The Linear Labs HET motor is not a traditional motor.

The best method today to achieve high torque output is a high speed motor with gear reduction or a large diameter motor. Therefore the industry goals have been to develop solutions to achieve ever higher and higher RPMs by various methods.

Hub motors are a brilliant idea. Unfortunately the current motors on the market have not proven to be the ultimate solution for the industry, neither the radial or axial flux hub machines have delivered on their promises.

The HET motor is the new paradigm in volumetric torque direct drive motors.

Our motor is a 3 dimensional circumferential flux 4 rotor machine. The HET motor is a new class of motor and these new motors are approaching torque production up to an 8:1 gear ratio for the same size permanent magnet machine used today. This produces unprecedented high torque and very high efficiencies at low RPMs.

All the new R&D innovations today in power electronics, cooling, materials, mechanical designs etc. applied to the HET motor produce even more benefits.

We believe the drive system of the future is a direct drive system, no gearbox, no expensive high RPM mechanical designs with simple, less expensive power electronics.
This is the Motor of the World

Extreme Torque

A unique magnetic arrangement in which the magnetic forces acting on the rotor are in the direction of motion. This sets the HET apart from conventional electric machines. The data has shown that the HET configuration is capable of producing nearly 100% more torque and continuous power than its commercial counterparts within the same frame size and geometrical envelope.


With virtually no end windings, the Linear Labs machine allows for reduced copper losses. The data shows that when applying the same frame size as used in commercially available propulsion units, a significantly higher efficiency (especially at the low speed region) can be achieved. This can lead to substantial reduction in onboard energy storage requirements or an extended driving range using the existing commercial Energy Storage System (ESS).


Our data indicates that the continuous and peak power density of the HET motor using standard cooling can exceed 7.0 kW/kg at base speed of 3000 rpm. This is a major accomplishment by an electric motor which clearly supersedes other commercially available electric propulsion units.

Cost & Compactness

The HET uses the same inverter as conventional electric propulsion drives and operates at lower DC link voltage which allows for smaller DC link capacitor and reduced switch ratings. This results in a more compact and low cost power electronic converter at the required power ratings used in commercial propulsion units.

Thermal Management

A unique advantage of the Linear Labs technology in terms of maintaining high efficiency and high electro-mechanical energy conversion efficiency, where the concentrated windings of the stator results in significant savings of material and reduced copper losses as compared to conventional AC windings, which typically contain large end windings that make no contribution to torque or output.

Variable Speed Applications

The HET coils can be connected in multiple phase configurations electronically allowing for 3, 6 or 12 phase switching On The Fly. This makes the HET an ideal candidate for variable speed applications such as pumps and compressors, traction, and high speed actuators.

Acoustic Noise

The radial forces in the HET are smaller than their commercial counterparts and produce very limited torque pulsation, which provides a very quiet motor drive system.

Concentrated Magnetic FLUX

Flux Amplifies Torque

By concentrating magnetic flux we magnify torque and increase efficiency across the full speed range of the machine.

By surrounding the stator with permanent magnets we prevent magnetic flux leakage resulting in more torque and higher efficiency.

We produce more torque than the competition with less input power.

The First Electronic


3, 6 or 12 Phase Switching On The Fly

  • More phases = more power and more torque
  • Coils can be connected in multiple phase configurations electronically
  • More phases = greater efficiency over the full speed range

Continuous Torque Efficacy

(T/P) / Volume (L)

Torque Efficacy is a term coined by Linear Labs which better equates motor torque produced from the input power.

Volumetric Torque Efficacy determines the Torque Efficacy per volume of the motor.

Linear Labs eclipses the nearest competitors in continues Torque Efficacy.

For its unique electric motor design and focus on supporting sustainability and community, Linear Labs stands out in a crowded market, creating a Blue Ocean market for itself and is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 New Product Innovation Award.

“Linear Lab’s revolutionary motor produces twice the torque in the half the size of other leading motor brands. With a small footprint, it’s perfect for space-constrained applications such as automotive, robotics, and aerospace.

Not just innovation in design, Linear Labs is also leading the change in the way companies operate. With a strong focus on improving the community and city, it has partnered with local colleges and the local city administration to bring innovation in manufacturing and operations to the Dallas Fort Worth area.”

– Anand Gnanamoorthy, Industry Principal


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