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Magnetic Torque Tunnel

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Learn all about the World’s First Magnetic Torque Tunnel that is protected by a deep global patent portfolio. Linear Labs uses a different type of design that provides significantly greater torque production achieved. Dive deep into the nuts and bolts in our Magnetic Torque Tunnel Whitepaper.

American Muscle Without The Gas

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Physics are the physics. Our radical new motor design maximizes the physics of converting electricity to torque with higher efficiency while improving profitability better than anyone else in the market. We have built a modular, scalable, and highly efficient motor platform with global intellectual property protection that provides us a technological advantage in the market. Download our American Muscle Without the Gas presentation to learn about the Holy Grail of Electric Power! 

The Future of Electrification

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Electrification is the future and Linear Labs is leading the way with fully modular electric motors and generators.  By producing greater torque at low speed our rotary and linear machines provide huge benefits to almost every industry saving energy and money. Download The Future of Electrification to learn more about the benefits of our motor.

MMx Datasheet

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The MMx family of motors provide scooter and bike OEMs more torque in the same size package providing increased range and improved vehicle performance.

The MMx is based on the Linear Labs HET class of electric motors; the most effective torque delivery motors ever developed.

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