Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award

2020 North American Electric Motors for
Micro-Mobility New Product Innovation Award

Propelling the Industry forward by Leveraging Moonshot Technologies

Linear Labs has developed a groundbreaking motor technology that is suitable for electric vehicles and built upon the company’s unique Magnetic Torque Tunnel technology.

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For its unique electric motor design and focus on supporting sustainability and community, Linear Labs stands out in a crowded market, creating a Blue Ocean market for itself and is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 New Product Innovation Award.

“Linear Lab’s revolutionary motor produces twice the torque in the half the size of other leading motor brands. With a small footprint, it’s perfect for space-constrained applications such as automotive, robotics, and aerospace.

Not just innovation in design, Linear Labs is also leading the change in the way companies operate. With a strong focus on improving the community and city, it has partnered with local colleges and the local city administration to bring innovation in manufacturing and operations to the Dallas Fort Worth area.”

– Anand Gnanamoorthy, Industry Principal


Key Facts:
  • Air-cooled
  • 25 Nm/kg
  • 100 Nm/Liter
  • Average Efficiency – 83% across the full speed range
  • Peak Efficiency – 92%
  • Peak torque 100 Nm with 140 Nm burst option.
  • 4 form factors to choose from

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Answer our Engineering Requirements questionnaire telling us what you are doing and how you want your motor to perform.


We sign a Motor Sizing Agreement and perform an electromagnetic analysis based on your Engineering Requirement document.


Once the Motor Sizing Agreement is completed we enter into a Proof of Concept Development Agreement.


Linear Labs executes the POC Development Agreement and develops multi-stage prototypes as we move toward volume production of your motors and controllers.

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