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The Technical Chops

The Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET) is an exterior permanent magnet circumferential flux 4 rotor machine.
Innovative concepts are introduced in the magnetic structure and operation at the core of the HET, resulting in large amount of torque generation.


The HET’s circumferential 3D magnetic architecture produces four active torque producing areas with all sides having the same polarity.

Copper Savings

As much as 30% of the typical copper needed is reduced by eliminating end windings and having all the copper involved in torque production.

Maximum Torque

The architecture of the HET ensures all magnetic and electrical fields are fully involved in torque production.

Reduced Volume

The unique design requires no unproductive volume. Only the air gaps surrounding the poles are left open. Think of the possibilities for new technologies that can be created now that you have access to a smaller sized machine that generates the same amount of torque as it’s bulky competitors.

Large Lorentz Force

The HET produces a large Lorentz force component and a large reluctance force that peak simultaneously.

An important thing to note is that by extending the length of the magnetic tunnel region, the torque that is present throughout the coils travels without regard to the coils at pole face length. Unlike existing conventional machines where torque is only present at an optimum point as it approaches a magnetic pole, the HET has no single optimum point but rather all positions exhibit maximum torque.

Reduced manufacturing cost

  • No wasted copper due to the absence of end windings
  • Minimal electrical steel waste
  • Minimal touch labor
  • Ferrite magnet vs rare-earth magnets

No End Windings

All copper in the HET’s toroidally wound stator is involved in torque production

100% Modular Motor


Key Facts:
  • Air-cooled
  • 25 Nm/kg
  • 100 Nm/Liter
  • Average Efficiency – 83% across the full speed range
  • Peak Efficiency – 92%
  • Peak torque 100 Nm with 140 Nm burst option.
  • 4 form factors to choose from

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Magnetic Tunnel

Traditionally engineers have developed motors harnessing magnetic fields in 2D produced either radially or axially from the rotation of the rotors. It wasn’t until 3D flux path motors that exotic topologies were created to maximize torque production. This paper provides a description of a 3D flux path magnetic tunnel design combining axial and radial magnetic flux patterns. This design concentrates the flux within the motor to maximize torque production, which is particularly effective in producing high torque at low speeds.

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For its unique electric motor design and focus on supporting sustainability and community, Linear Labs stands out in a crowded market, creating a Blue Ocean market for itself and is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 New Product Innovation Award.

“Linear Lab’s revolutionary motor produces twice the torque in the half the size of other leading motor brands. With a small footprint, it’s perfect for space-constrained applications such as automotive, robotics, and aerospace.

Not just innovation in design, Linear Labs is also leading the change in the way companies operate. With a strong focus on improving the community and city, it has partnered with local colleges and the local city administration to bring innovation in manufacturing and operations to the Dallas Fort Worth area.”

– Anand Gnanamoorthy, Industry Principal


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Answer our Engineering Requirements questionnaire telling us what you are doing and how you want your motor to perform.


We sign a Motor Sizing Agreement and perform an electromagnetic analysis based on your Engineering Requirement document.


Once the Motor Sizing Agreement is completed we enter into a Proof of Concept Development Agreement.


Linear Labs executes the POC Development Agreement and develops multi-stage prototypes as we move toward volume production of your motors and controllers.

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