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Ultra-performance and efficiency. There’s no longer a choice.

Introducing the M200

Key Facts:
  • Air-cooled
  • 25 Nm/kg
  • 100 Nm/Liter
  • Average Efficiency – 83% across the full speed range
  • Peak Efficiency – 92%
  • Peak torque 100 Nm with 140 Nm burst option.
  • 4 form factors to choose from

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What Makes Linear Lab’s Motor Special?


The World’s First Magnetic Torque Tunnel Protected By A Deep Global Patent Portfolio.

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Why Choose Performance or Efficiency?

With Linear Labs you get both.

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Impact & Sustainable

Our solution is good for our environment

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ULTRA Torque

Our technology provides up to 3x the torque and power density compared to any induction, permanent magnet or axial flux design.

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Linear Labs’
Smart Motor

Perfect For
Last Mile Mobility

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