Our vision is to accelerate humanity and end suffering through amazing feats of engineering to bring smarter energy to the world.

Team Linear Labs pursues counter-conventional solutions to solve the most vexing puzzles of our time – to lead us into a brighter future.

Linear Labs develops fully modular electric motors and generators based on core technology protected by over 75 patents. We have built and tested these motors. We understand the physics, the manufacturability, and the thermal management of them.

The defining characteristic of our variable speed Permanent Magnet motors produce over 2X the torque for the same size, weight, and input energy with greater efficiency across the full speed range.

By producing greater torque at low speed our rotary and linear provide huge benefits to almost every industry:

  • Micro mobility – 50-100% range increases between charges
  • HVAC – Greatly reduced electricity usage and smaller units
  • Automobiles – 10-20% more range, no gearbox, simpler power electronics, less weight, less space used
  • Turbines – 15-30% more output power for the same input energy
  • Industrial – More power in smaller more reliable units

In addition, our fully modular motors can use ferrite cores (no rare earths) without the need for liquid cooling reducing cost and supply chain risks while generating over 1.5X more torque than existing motors.

We’ve focused primarily on Mobility, Micro mobility, and HVAC. You’ll see this in Scooters, HVAC, and industrial applications this year. A car two years after.

We raised a major investment round from high profile Silicon Valley. We have access to significant capital. We’ve invested in hiring PhDs and the world’s best engineers with industry experience. Our team comes from companies like Tesla, Faraday, GM, and the like.


patents issued


patents pending globally in 9 countries


provisional patents

Brad Hunstable

Founder & CEO

Brad served as CEO of Ustream, now an IBM Company. Under his leadership, Ustream grew to serve tens of millions of users globally and generated $40M in revenue. In 2016, Ustream was acquired by IBM for $150M and was turned into the basis of what is now IBM’s core Cloud Video division.

The San Francisco Business Times honored him as an influential young leader in their 40 Under 40 list, he was ranked among the 50 Digital Power Players by the Hollywood Reporter, and honored as Variety’s Producers Guild of America’s Digital 25: Visionaries, Innovators and Producers. In 2017, he received The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Entrepreneur and Innovation Alumni Award. In 2019, Brad was an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist.

Brad is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and holds an MBA from The Ohio State University.

Fred Hunstable

Inventor, Founder & CTO

Prolific innovator, the first to design, build and test an entirely new methodology in electric motors and generators in 120 years. Deep expertise in electrical engineering and nuclear power. Led Walker Engineering’s efforts in designing, upgrading and completing electrical infrastructure, environmental and enterprise projects as well as safety and commercial grade evaluation programs.

Mary Korn


Mary served as the CFO of Ustream, now an IBM company. While working as a member of Brad’s leadership team, Ustream grew to serve tens of millions of users globally and generated $40M in revenue. In 2016, Ustream was acquired by IBM for $150M and was turned into the basis of what is now IBM’s core Cloud Video division.

Mary has more than 25 years of experience as a CFO / COO / Co-Founder for high growth venture-backed and public technology companies. She is a high impact team player. She concluded multiple successful exits of software and hardware companies. In her spare time, she is an advisor, investor & mentor for AI, SaaS, and data-intensive tech firms.

She holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, a BA from Marietta College and is a CPA, licensed in the State of California.

Her current ride is a Subaru Crosstrek plug-in hybrid

Erik Hatch

VP of Engineering

Erik has over 25+ years of experience in engineering, project management, and leadership in the research, development, prototyping, and product phase of programs ranging from ruggedized motor and integrated electronics systems to complete vehicles.

Erik is highly skilled and experienced in all things mechanical and electrical. He will be adding to our patent portfolio and supporting all our operations too, as we scale.

Prior to joining Linear Labs Erik was with General Motors, Faraday Future, and Saleen Automotive where he led many engineering teams and developed and supported 13+ patents.

Csaba Sipőcz

Director of Software Engineering

Csaba served as the Vice President of R&D Operations of Ustream, now an IBM company. While working as a member of Brad’s leadership team, Csaba led the creation of Ustream Hungary (the R&D unit of the company) and grew it from zero to 150 employees.

Csaba has over 30 years of coding experience with his main expertise in developing web/cloud applications. At Linear Labs, Csaba will further advance our motor and controller software and data architecture.

Csaba lives in Hungary, with his wife and two kids. His favorite hobbies are running (the filthier the better), sailing, singing, playing the guitar and baking sourdough bread.

Jon Hurry

VP of Strategic Partnerships

Jon brings 25+ years of experience within the automotive industry. He has been involved in every aspect of this industry focusing on Electric Vehicle efficiency through the implementation of lightweight materials and high-performance electric hub motors.

He has 10+ years of participation as an industry advisor with World Solar Challenge, serving as senior technical representative for Tesla, and Faraday Future. He worked extensively on a GM + Honda joint venture focusing on a hydrogen fuel cell program, Lucid Air and two different advanced development military vehicles.

He has a BS in Manufacturing Engineering from Western Michigan University where he was also an adjunct professor, part of the manufacturing overview board, and a member of the dean interviewing team for the Engineering College.

Bill R. Naifeh


Bill is an attorney with expertise in all aspects of intellectual property. His practice focuses on overflow assistance to corporate IP departments, patent litigation support, patent portfolio development, and international patent strategies. He is registered to practice before the United States Patent Office and is licensed as a Professional Engineer (P.E.). Mr. Naifeh formerly worked with Haynes and Boone.

For its unique electric motor design and focus on supporting sustainability and community, Linear Labs stands out in a crowded market, creating a Blue Ocean market for itself and is recognized with Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 New Product Innovation Award.

“Linear Lab’s revolutionary motor produces twice the torque in the half the size of other leading motor brands. With a small footprint, it’s perfect for space-constrained applications such as automotive, robotics, and aerospace.

Not just innovation in design, Linear Labs is also leading the change in the way companies operate. With a strong focus on improving the community and city, it has partnered with local colleges and the local city administration to bring innovation in manufacturing and operations to the Dallas Fort Worth area.”

– Anand Gnanamoorthy, Industry Principal


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Linear Labs executes the POC Development Agreement and develops multi-stage prototypes as we move toward volume production of your motors and controllers.

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