Autoblog | The Hunstable Electric Turbine promises a revolution in electric motors

October 8, 2019 Brad

Linear Labs was founded as a father-son team based in Ft. Worth, Texas six years ago. Prior to that, father Fred Hunstable designed electrical systems for nuclear power stations for companies like Ebasco and Walker Engineering before the U.S. put the kibosh on atomic energy generation. Son Brad Hunstable co-founded streaming service Ustream, sold to IBM for $150M in early 2016. Together, the Hunstables say they’ve created “a new class of electric motor” called the Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET), promising that “For the same size, same weight, same volume, and the same amount of input energy into the motor, we will always produce… two to three times the torque output of any electric motor in the world.”

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